Welcome to Brain Freeze, a blog about the brain. This blog is intended for anyone with an interest in healthcare and a healthy lifestyle, particularly related to Neurology and Alaska. My name is Steven Nicol I have worked in the Neurology field for over 5 years and will serve as the editor of this blog. With contributions from Neurologists, healthcare workers, athletes and the community we hope to bring you engaging content you will share with your friends and family.


Brain Freeze is made possible by the Alaska Neurology Center. AKNC is one of the largest Neurological treatment facilities in the Northwest. Dr.Ellenson and his team of multidisciplinary specialists use the latest and most up to date treatment options. The center is home to a nationally accredited sleep lab, neurology clinic, MRI suite,physical therapy dept, infusion site, Neuro-psychology center, Neuro-diagnostic lab, and cafe’. Not sure if they are right for you? call them today.

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