AKNC utilizes the latest technologies in imaging, allowing our providers to diagnose the most complex cases faster and more efficiently. We do all types of MRI scans at our South Side facility.

The GE Discovery 3.0T 750w MRI machine produces extraordinary images, allowing our clinicians to examine the finest details of the brain and spine.

Not only does our MRI machine produce better images, it is also larger and more comfortable than most conventional machines, accommodating patients up to 500 lbs. This helps patients who may be claustrophobic or anxious feel more at ease.  The redesigned table has flexible coils that naturally follow the contours of the human body helping to minimize motion and enhance patient comfort during the exam. Alaska Neurology Center is a convenient imaging option for patients who prefer an outpatient setting.

All of our scans are interpreted by Board-certified Neuro-Radiologists.