Alaska Neurology Center houses the state’s largest private sleep lab and only facility with in house DME supplies. We are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and offer flexible scheduling to better fit your lifestyle.

Getting adequate sleep is vital to your health and well being. Many sleep disorders go un-diagnosed and can lead to long term health issues. At Alaska Neurology Center we recognize maintaining a healthy sleep schedule isn't always easy these days, and we're here to help. Let our highly trained sleep physicians and staff help you achieve healthy sleep habits. We offer a wide variety of services including, Overnight Polysomnograms (Sleep study), CPAP therapy and supplies, Day time testing and sleep dentistry. Every patient will have a unique and personalized treatment plan tailored using your input every step of the way. For existing patients your sleep doctor and neurologist will work closely to ensure you receive the maximum benefit of your treatment. Trade your restless nights for successful days and schedule today!