Alaska Neurology Center offers three Specialty Clinics for Patients who have an urgent need for treatment or care from a Clinician specialized in their condition.

Anyone suffering from a migraine or headache, needs follow up care from a recent TIA or stroke or needs urgent follow up care from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) may simply walk in to AKNC — without an appointment — during our walk-in clinic hours.

It is not necessary to call ahead and NO doctor’s referral is needed.

A visit to our clinic is considerably less expensive and faster than visiting the emergency room. We also bill all insurance.

No preregistration is required, and we offer a quick check in process. A formal consultation can be scheduled after the initial treatment.

Brain Injury Walk-In Clinic

AKNC’s Brain Injury Program redefines “possible” for people with Traumatic Brain Injuries.

AKNC provides a comprehensive system of care for patients with brain injury, from the initial days after the injury, through inpatient and outpatient treatment, home and community based services, and long term follow up.

Our goal is to help patients return home as independent and prepared for the future as possible.
We are equipped to provide care for newly-injured patients and work with a wide range of acute medical issues.

AKNC specializes in Brain Injury and strives to maximize physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning, and to prevent/minimize chronic disability.

Our staff is experienced in treating adolescents and adults with moderate to severe brain injuries, with all levels and types of medical, physical, cognitive, and behavioral challenges.

INTERDICIPLINARY TEAM- Our exceptional physicians, nursing staff, therapists, and health care professionals work together to bring you the best care possible. Each patient at AKNC has a dedicated interdisciplinary team.

INDIVIDUALIZED TREATMENT- AKNC provides an individualized treatment plan , built on an understanding of the patient’s neurological diagnosis and prognosis, as well as the relationships between the injury and the behavior. Additionally, the treatment plan is reviewed and adapted within the context of the patient’s treatment needs.

FAMILY INVOLVEMENT- Brain injury treatment involves not only the patient, but also the patient’s family and support system. Families are an intricate part of the treatment and rehabilitation process. AKNC urges families to observe, participate, and gain understanding of the injury and treatment process by accompanying the patient to appointments, assisting with the treatment plan, and attending educational programs about Brain Injury.

1. Provide exceptional care
2. Achieve the greatest possible outcome
3. Foster independence
4. Nurture support systems
5. Encourage family involvement
6. Educate and advocate
7. Advance life quality.

Migraine / Headache Clinic – Walk In

Our team of Board-certified Neurology Clinicians have been effectively treating patients with severe headaches or migraines since 2007. Anyone suffering from a severe headache or migraine will be seen by a Neurology Clinician within five minutes, after the intake process.

Patients will be placed in a private sound and light-proof room while relaxing in one of our custom treatment chairs. AKNC will use the best treatment for your needs from infusion therapy, injection treatment, or oral medications.

TIA / Stroke Clinic – Walk In

While a transient ischemic attack (TIA) is often described as a “mini-stroke,” it is more accurately characterized as a warning sign for a potential stroke. To meet the needs of patients with new onset TIA symptoms, the Alaska Neurology Center TIA Clinic is designed to quickly and professionally perform diagnostic testing and neurological consultations. (We see patients within 48 hours of referral from the ED or primary care/specialist’s office.)

Alaska Neurology Center’s TIA clinic is designed to rapidly address these events and work to reduce the risk of stroke by almost 90 percent. Patients referred to the TIA clinic will undergo a thorough evaluation and work-up by a stroke neurologist. Patients will receive education on stroke risk factors and stroke prevention.

Once your ER doctor has determined the cause of your transient ischemic attack, the goal of treatment is to correct the abnormality and prevent a stroke. Depending on the cause of your TIA, your doctor may prescribe medication to reduce the tendency for blood to clot or may recommend surgery or a balloon procedure (angioplasty).

Findings from the evaluation will be communicated to the referring physician.

At Alaska Neurology Center, we take the time to listen, to find answers and to provide you the best care.

If you have a patient you would like to refer to the clinic, please download the referral form and fax to 907-565-6001 or call the clinic at 907-565-6000 for more information. Please provide any pertinent studies performed in the last 6 months (e.g., lipid profile, coagulation studies, ECHO, carotid studies, MRI brain scan, CT brain scan) to avoid redundant testing. As the referring physician, you will receive test results and recommendations for further treatment from our neurologists.